Reason #9: Athlete


Every serious athlete understands how difficult it is to balance sports with a social life that is outside of the team. Going from weights to class to practice is hard. You’re always sweaty, and despite what you may think, no one looks cute in a sports bra and running shorts. It’s not that you don’t know how to dress cute, you just chose not to. Those five precious minutes it would take you to change after class and before practice isn’t the issue. It’s the extra laundry, carrying the clothes, having to redo hair and wipe the makeup that’s a hassle.

You’re an athlete which means traveling with the team. This means you go on road trips that can last around two weeks. These road trips stress you out. You worry about keeping up with classes, about what’s happening with your friends, and about what your guy is doing, who he’s with and if he still even thinks about you. All that stress gets released somehow. Sometimes it’s bitching at your guy or channeling it through your game. Either way is tiring.

Let’s say you have a guy or at least talking to one. Spending more than four hours a day with your team does you dirty. All you do is bitch about the other girls, how mentally unstable your coaches are, how the trainers don’t listen and who may or may not be taking your spot. Before you know it, you’re ranting about why you hate playing yet you still put it above everything else in your life. Including him.

Sure weights has been doing you good, you have fantastic legs and you have the booty, but once it’s past 10:30 at night, the booty is no longer for him. That’s your time for the much needed rest and beauty sleep. Poor guy feels left out and under appreciated. Which means he’ll probably begin to turn his attention elsewhere.

Female athletes are such a tease. We’re smart, athletic, sexy as hell but constantly being with our team also fuels the crazy. We’re the intimidating girls at school. The ones who party and get away with it, the ones who can get any guy, but we’re also the ones who feel emotion the strongest, who aren’t afraid of confrontation and who are beyond competitive. We’re a threat to everyone, including guys. And they know that. Guys know to be afraid of the girls in spandex.

One thought on “Reason #9: Athlete

  1. I think guys are afraid of a lot of types of women, particularly those who are better at stuff than them and better at sports, wow…what a mine-field!


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