Reason #12: I Can’t Social

I Can’t Social

One of the most glaring, obvious, in your face reasons why you’re still single. It’s because when you try to talk to another human being, let alone a hot guy, you get tongue-tied, don’t know how to start a conversation and panic, resulting to someone else (a cool and collected savior) to release you from your misery. Possibly due to a lack of socialization as a child, you just do not have the capability to have any  kind of meaningful or lasting conversation with anyone.

It’s because when you try and talk to someone else, you get awkward. Maybe it’s the way you time things, how uncomfortable and insecure you seem to be, but the uncomfort inside of you is sensed by the other person as well. This makes going to any kind of social situation where you don’t know everyone else there such a hassle. It’s probably the reason why you don’t go to parties, probably the reason why when you talk to the pizza guy, you mistake the question, “cheese and peppers?” as “did you order a cheese and pepper pizza?”

The communication barrier between you and the rest of society is painful. Walking up to someone with the intent to start a conversation is one the most scary things in the world. So instead, you’d rather stand in the corner, sip on your Mikes Hard and creepily people watch while the social ones, the ones who actually have friends, are talking about how awkward you look.

Forget being a nice person, forget being athletic or being able to bake, if you can’t talk to another human then you can’t social. If you don’t know how to say hello but yet you pray to god hoping they’ll start off a conversation, you don’t know how to communicate. Looks are great but without communication, talking to any guy is going the be a major struggle.

Now that we’ve identified the problem, the only solution is conquering your biggest fear: communication. Pay attention to how social people start conversations, ask them questions that you know particularly appeal to them. If they play a sport, tell them how great they played. By boosting others up, you increase your likability. This makes you appear to be a friendly person. The first step is practice.

One thought on “Reason #12: I Can’t Social

  1. Agreed. One got to really work on being able to communicate to achieve further satisfaction in the aspects of “social life”.

    Good post on this subject bud, enjoyed reading it 😉

    Your pal,
    David Long


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