Reason #31: Easily Influenced

Easily Influenced

So you go to a bar/ restaurant with the intention not to drink. You drove there, but your friends took a taxi. So you guys all enjoy your food but they keep ordering margaritas, tequila shots and god knows what else. They want you to dink. You say no, that you’re driving but they offer to spot you a cab. So what do you do?

Bet your ass you take the free shot of tequila.

They weren’t even trying that hard, you just give into peer pressure super easily. They know how to push your buttons, know what to say. Actually this goes for everyone, even that super hot guy that girls tell you to stay away from. Everyone and anyone can get you to do things you didn’t have nay intent to do. It’s because you’re easily persuaded.

Let’s stay with alcohol. If anyone can get you to drink, then what else can they get you to do? For sure, guys want a girls they can have fun with but a girl who just follows the crowd, who is just another girl in a tight dress trying to walk a straight line is not attractive.  What’s attractive is a girl who can be responsible, who can hold her ground and who knows what she wants. Because if you can’t make simple decisions like if you are drinking that night, then you are in no place to make decisions in the adult world.

So hold your ground, and stay to your word. If you’re DD that night then stay DD. Always be honest. That means not going back on what you say.

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