Reason #32: Friend Zone

Friend zone

Either you’re the one friend zoning guys or guys are the ones friend zoning you. In reality, there’s no problems with being in the friend zone. You may think it sucks, but it’s probably one of the best places to be in. This is because guys can confide in you, they can be there for you to lean on and you just have an excuse to hang out together without any pressure. This makes interacting with one another effortless, there’s no pursuit or pressure of pursuit, and there’s no one insisting the two of you to be a couple. It’s actually great.

However, guys tend not to see it this way. They tend to see it as more of a tease. If a girl feels comfortable enough with him that he might as well be her ‘gay best friend,’ then chances are he will not be getting any. And for him, that sucks.

But ladies, here’s the thing: if you knowingly friend zone guys, then you are knowingly limiting your options. And yes, that is your fault. But if you friend zone guys and find out later that you like them (or they may like you) you kind of screw yourself over. So try and just be friends. In our society, guys make the first move, so if he’s interested, he’ll let you know.

And if you’re the girl who always gets friend zoned, try and be more open, flirty and personable. The worse that can happen is he thinks you’re weird. The world won’t end and there will probably be a new cute guy next week. So put yourself out there, hang out with people, be bit risqué. You might benefit in the end.

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