Reason #33: I’m Not Okay

I’m Not Okay

No one really know what is wrong with you. There’s just something about you, the way you walk, the constant pacing back and forth. Like for the love of God, hold still! But even if you do that, there is just something about you that makes you not okay. It’s that super weird quirk that rests inside you.

Maybe it isn’t even  a quirk, but it’s something. We just cannot put our fingers on it, but deep down, you know what it is. For some, it is mental instability. It isn’t the same as being crazy, it is feeling emotions and being completely able to justify them but for some reason you take it differently than normal.

This is fine, but not for relationships. Guys can sense this. Most at least. It is the unfortunate ones that do not have this ability and do not realize the danger they are getting into. The girl isn’t crazy, mean or bad, she;s just not emotionally all connected. Strange but true. And it will not be until she is happy, when she becomes ‘better’ that she will be able to have a functional relationship.

It is about being alright within oneself and understanding your body from the inside out.

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