Reason #34: Reputations:


Having one is good, but having the wrong kind is bad. Just because you have a reputation does not mean that you are the unstable girl, the girl who is crazy. It means nothing. Except that you are a cause and effect sequence.

Give a girl a scenario and she will give out one result every single time.

Different reputations are part of the reason to why girls are single. If you have a reputation for throwing up every time you drink, guess what, then you look like a sloppy bitch who cannot control herself. Or if you have a reputation for hooking up with tons of guys, then chances are you are not girlfriend material. It’s really not that complicated.

Then there are the girls who have the reputation for not going out, for not being the first one to take a bong rip. These are the girls who may be single because guys can associate them as not as fun. I’m not condoning drinking or smoking, but the guys who would be attracted to girls who do are not attracted to those who do not.

So if you have a bad reputation, whatever that may be, try and improve on it. If you have a rep for hooking up with lots of guys, go out and make a point not to talk to guys. This will show the public that you can control yourself. Or if you tend to throw up every time you drink, limit yourself to two drinks.

Reputations are how you present yourself to the world. So if you’re trying to attract a certain type of guy, check and see if your reputation correlates to his expectations.

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