Reason #36: Manners


We all poop. We all fart. We all burp. Facts of life.

Just because we all do it, does NOT mean that your guy has to know it. Seriously ladies, there is nothing cute about belching in public, about pulling out your tampons in front of him, about farting in your hand then putting it in his face (that last statement I was told was imperative to say). For the love of God, ladies, pretend for once that you’re actually ladies!

I totally understand, trust me, in the privacy of my own bathroom in my own home which I pay, for that I should be able to make whatever noises and such that I want. Do that, in private. As far as your guy is concerned, you shit butterflies and fart rainbows. And for anything that does not smell like you do, there is bathroom spray from Bath and Body Works that does wonders. Invest in some.

Because if he feel like he can’t take you out in public because of your ‘toxic’ personality and manners, then he isn’t going to keep you or be the least bit interested in you. And any attraction that was once there, trust me he’ll drop you like a hot potato so fast, he won’t even remember your name.

So ladies, keep the burping, farting and whatnot to yourself. Go do that shit in private because like it or not, that’s the kind of things that are not going to impress his mother.

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