Reason #37: Vulnerability


You’re afraid.

Let’s face it. You’re afraid. Afraid to get too close. Afraid to show too much. Afraid that if you open up everything inside of you will come pouring out uncontrollably like a dam that has just burst, and it won’t stop until nothing is left inside of you. You’re afraid.

You have no problem showing the basic side of you: your likes, your dislikes, your hopes, your dreams, your doubts. But when it comes to the deep stuff, the feelings that overwhelm you or the thoughts that seem to drown you, forget it. You can’t let anyone see that shit. What if they judge because you’re weak? What if they run because the thought of carrying half of the emotion you do terrifies them? What if you let them in and they destroy you?

Being vulnerable is scary. There is nothing to protect you, nothing to hide you. You are exposed.

But it’s also wonderful.

Everyone can see you, the real you. Everyone can experience your true radiant beauty. Everyone can applaud you for finally showing what you are- human. No one is perfect. We all have flaws. But the people who love us accept and even celebrate these flaws.

So take a deep breath. Tear down that wall around your heart piece by piece. Let someone in who you care about.

I promise amazing things will happen when you do.

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