Reason #38: Independent


Why would you need another person, if you can take perfect care of yourself? You enjoy spending time with yourself, can handle your own finances, can kill your own spiders and have the perfect trick to opening that jar of salsa. You really don’t need a man, or anyone else for that matter.

Being ferociously independent is the epitome of the feminist movement. Women now live in a society where it is expected to be an self- reliant, powerful and dominating female. We are expected to take control of our own lives, to master all obstacles that come our way whether we have a man or not.

However, by showing the world, you can be independent, you have also shown yourself. You truly do not need anyone to look out for you, to help you or guide you and when anyone tries to do something nice for you, you lash out. True independent females do not like being waited on, do not like things handed to them because in their eyes, they are cheating and taking advantage of another. The idea of someone else trying to just help because they care is unfathomable.

Yet, sometimes this is how others show affection. It’s part of the courting process, and allows others to become part of your life. Because a relationship with a guy isn’t about another taking over power, its about combining two independent kingdoms together to make an empire. Empires aren’t made alone.

So let guys open doors for you, let others make you a cup of coffee. Little gestures like these show they like you, and take note of these actions. And don’t be afraid to do it for them also, because sometimes the smallest amount of help can make the world’s of a difference.

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