Reason #39: Conceited/ Proud

Conceited/ Proud

A guy walks up to you in a bar and says, “Hi”. He tries to start a conversation, but you act aloof and would rather he go away so no one important would see the two of you talking to each other. In no way is he perfect, and Lord only knows you’re not either. But what if people see you together? Talking? What would they think? Would they automatically assume the two of you were in a committed relationship and you lowered your standards after your ex? Would they the think the two of you were best of friends and that these are the type of people you associate yourself with? Or maybe….. they would think you’re a nice person who is having a conversation with a compete stranger.
But that’s completely ridiculous.

Sometimes as women, we need to get off our high horse. Our shit stinks too and trust me when I say not everyone is going to approve of whatever guy you date. Ever. There will always be critics, always be those who ask you, “You’re not actually considering dating him right?” Then go on to say, “He’s kinda weird.” There will always be the ones who make it their sole mission to prevent you from being in any happy relationship because they’re miserable themselves. But if you let these people influence you to the point where no one meets your high standards, where you’re too good for everyone, then you’re not going to be happy. You’re going to stay alone.

It’s one thing to listen to your instincts, but it’s another to listen to your ego. Relationships don’t form (good ones anyway) when people have super high egos. When people humble themselves, when they listen to what they really, trully desire, is when they find happiness. Thinking you are too go for anyone is wrong. You are no better than another human on Earth. So humble yourself! Let go of that ego, let go of your pride for one day! If a guy is willing to approach you, be nice. If you’re not attracted to him, then try and be friends, but if you don’t go for him because he may be ‘bad for your image,’ then princess, you desire a toad.

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